AAIB Profile

Arab African International Bank was established by Special Law as a Joint Venture between the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) and Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), and was incorporated in 1964 as Egypt’s first Arab multinational Bank, with each party holding a 37% stake. The Central Bank of Egypt and the Kuwait Investment Authority are the core of AAIB’s shareholder base.

As part of its mission to offer an ever-evolving array of services to the entire region, AAIB developed new business arms to that The Bank’s growth was propelled in 2008 with the establishment of four subsidiaries; Arab African Investment Holding (AAIH), Arab African Investment Management (AAIM), Arab African International Securities (AAIS) and Arab African International Mortgage Finance (AAIMF). The establishment of which transformed AAIB from a Bank to a full-fledged Financial Group.

  • Central Bank of Egypt
  • Kuwaity Investment Authority
  • Others