Securities Brokerage

To help its clients unlock potential opportunities, AAIS offers the highest standard of service and mechanism to ensure they enjoy a unique trading experience with an easy-to-work structure to guarantee sound investment decisions.
AAIS Brokerage capabilities is leveraged on highly competent account managers responsible for reliable and secure trading with a special brokerage commission that is lower that other companies in the market to ensure impeccable execution.
The company provide you with a highly competent and honest account manager dedicated to get the most reliable and secure trading.

Securities Margin Trading

AAIS enhances your investing power and potential returns with procedures-free loans to increase the amount of money invested in the stock market and thus achieve greater return. AAIS also offers margin-trading service with the lowest interest in Egypt or interest-free on commissions only – just choose the way you prefer.

Electronic Trading

AAIS provides easy & secure online trading platform with features tailored to suit its clients trading needs with lowest commission and best service. It offers real-time price index monitor through which you can follow the prices, stock news and execution at the lowest cost.
Online trading service allows you to manage your account and execute your orders from anywhere in the world and at any time. This helps clients to track their orders and balance around the clock, to ensure they never miss an opportunity!

Intra Day Trading

Intraday price movements are particularly important to short-term traders looking to make many trades over the course of a single trading session.
Through this service, AAIS allows traders to open and close their positions on the same day to take advantage of market volatility and make immediate money. It also helps traders prevent overnight losses caused by events that surface after the markets have closed.

GDR Trading

AAIS offers GDR trading service through highly dedicated professionals focusing on enabling clients to have unique opportunities in the Egyptian Stock Market and other markets in the Middle East and across the world. GDR trading service gives investors easier access to overseas companies without the complexity of connecting via a direct trading link.

Technical Analysis

Knowing the importance of technical analysis reports for investors to have a better understanding of the market and to develop the best investment plan, AAIS conducts daily comprehensive market reports covering the most EGX traded shares to help clients increase their profit and reduce loss.
Technical analysis evaluates securities and identifies trading opportunities by analyzing statistics gathered from trading activities, such as price patterns and investor behavior.

Trading on EGX non-listed securities (Off-the-board)

AAIS is a pioneer in this service offering it in particular to foreign clients. Based on experience, the company has the necessary capabilities for legal and technical processing to complete successful transactions in less time and simple procedures.
According to the specialists’ view, the company is recognized as an expert in making successful off-the-board transactions.

Delivery Versus Payment (DVP)

Accessible to both corporates and trusted individuals, Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) service is a significant settlement tool offered by AAIS to guarantee the seller money before the company and ensure the delivery of shares to the buyer before the payment of the purchase value.

Listing Agent

AAIS is a reliable provider for listing services for both Egyptian and foreign companies, which help them adjust their own situation in the Egyptian Stock Exchange.